Newsletter 2019

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Newsletter  2019



Introduction from Nolvia Griffith, born in Honduras, co-founder of Mountains of Love:

…it is so heartening to see many of you who share my passion in the service of these children from so many aspects of needs whether it is a parent or a hungry child, from a uniform to pair of shoes, to a medical need. I am humbled to see such a great service being achieved by a great foundation like MOL. If you ask me to talk about MOL, I can describe endless blessings that have been bestowed towards the needs of these children. By knowing their children are being fed everyday gives hope and expectation of the parents for a better future for their child. Happy tummy, happy child. As the chief operating officer of MOL my greatest hope is to continue the service of love that is bestowed by our supporters and donors whose open hearts have made possible with their contributions. May we continue to be blessed in this mission.


Letter from the school principal Ana Luisa to Mountains of Love 10/19/19

…The fruits of your efforts received in the last 10 years are immense blessings for the children and their families. Your food program has benefited and improved the learning conditions of our students and may be the only nutritionally balanced meal our students receive. Your economic funds for medical needs and emergencies have improved the lives and conditions of students and sometimes their mothers. Your financing of the psychology department allows for diagnostics and psychological treatment of our kids, as well as orientation workshops for teachers and parents.

In the long term we wish to count on the invaluable support that you have given us. We are sure we are on the same path and views to see the best accomplishments in our children. We acknowledge the economic conditions worldwide are difficult and we value the effort of each of you to see your labor of love working. As an institution we would love to better our attention to service, we strive for better equipment in our workshops which allow better learning opportunities to our children and families.

October 2019 Mountains of Love has introduced an extra daily sewing program with 14 adults taking part

The guardians and mothers who previously have been sitting on the school benches outside whilst the children are in school are now offered sewing classes. Mountains of Love has procured 7 manual sewing machines, purchased 67 yds of fabric from a local shop, found a sewing teacher who now comes 4 days a week. Beautiful fabric has been donated and sent to Honduras by a local interior design firm, Slifer Designs. 20 pillows have been made – 8 sold so far. The profit is being applied to purchase more materials for the sewing class. One sewing machine will be presented to the most likely candidate to take home and start their own sewing business. We are very excited to see how this program evolves.

Food Program Guidelines:

Menus are mixed the following ways Monday through Friday. Cold cuts, chicken, beef, vegetable soup, pasta and rice, beans, tortillas and eggs.

900lbs of rice, 300lbs of beans, 600lbs of corn flour and 700lbs of flour is consumed by MOL food program every 10 months (school year).

WE NEED YOU! The needs for 2020 are ongoing and growing: We are looking for friends to sponsor and help Mountains of Love as we strive to give more help and assistance to those who needs are so great.

  • $500 discretionary medical needs
  • $50 feeds one child for a month
  • $12.50 feeds one child for a week
  • $ Any amount helps however large or small.
  • $20 provides a daily nutritious meal for 14 children
  • $50 provides a daily nutritious meal for 33 children
  • $100 provides the salary for the psychologist for 3 days
  • $1,000 provides the salary for the psychologist for 30 school days

Here in the Vail Valley we would like to hear from you and know if you would like to become involved with Mountains of Love. We have many new ideas to raise funds to support our children and we need more help. We will never turn down any offerings of help or financial support.

Donations can be sent to: Mountains of Love, P0 Box 162, Vail  CO 81658

Just contact one of the board members:
Nolvia Griffith 970 376 2059
Jane Ross 970 376 3510
Diana Mathias 970 471 6000

Download the 2019 Newsletter

Download 2019 Newsletter

For more information, please contact:

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Mountains of Love | PO Box 162 | Vail, CO 81658
Diana Mathias | 970-471-6000