Newsletter 2015

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Newsletter 2015

We are starting our 2015 newsletter by highlighting the amazing Merary, the full time Psychologist and special needs expert with children.

Without Merary none of our work in Honduras would be possible.

She helps organize the food program, menus, cook and assistant cook, purchasing of food and always with a huge smile.  Her main job is working with the children, teachers and families to ensure each child is receiving the best care possible under very difficult circumstance.  These families have nothing, some even without a home.

In addition to her daily work with the special needs children, Merary has taken on an outreach program where she will visit children in their home in La Quenca – the town in the mountain jungle an hour and a half away.  She is also travelling at weekends to present conferences and work with other special needs teachers across Honduras.

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Mountains of Love has Increased Food program

Mountains of Love has increased the food program to feeding an average of 130 children a day with a hot meal and between 40-60 adults per day.  We found that the children with families and other siblings were also going without food.  So we are now cooking enough to feed the brothers and sisters and family members.  We have seen a very positive response from the grown-ups as they are so appreciative of the delicious hot meal and some are now helping out in the kitchen and helping serve the children.  We are very pleased.

Next year we are trying to find a way to increase this even more by putting together a weekly packet of dry food and oil.  This can then be cooked at home which gives a sense of  Accomplishment and ownership to the families.  Of course any help you can give us with the rising cost will be greatly appreciated.

Godparent Opportunity

We are now offering a Godparent opportunity.  For any of you who would like to commit to taking a child under your wing, we have many children with varying disabilities and needs who need a leg up in this world.  Whether it is medication, support, transportation, clothing; the needs are great.

Please check out our website for a small bio of these children and a photograph.

The needs are ongoing and our costs are increasing as we see more work that we would like to do.  Every penny that is donated goes to the wellbeing of these children so you know your money is working as you would like it to be.  We thank each and every one of you who support Mountains of Love.

Blessings and thanks for the year past and also for the year to come.

We need YOU!  Please consider helping in the following ways:

  • Food for 1 child per day = $2
  • Food for 1 child per week = $10
  • Food for 1 child per month = $40
  • Food for 1 child per year = $400

For more information, please contact:
Mountains of Love | PO Box 162 | Vail, CO 81658
Diana Mathias | 970-471-6000 |

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