News 2012

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Welcome to our 2012 update and newsletter! We would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts who have supported Mountains of Love this year.

2012 has shown us more opportunities to support our children and teachers at the Emilia D’Cuire Special Needs School in La Ceiba, Honduras. The food program we started 2 years ago for the most needy children, has grown and blossomed as we are now feeding the whole school on a daily basis. Our challenges have been the facilities in the kitchen as well as space for the children to eat. We want to tell you this amazing story. Earlier this year, an American gentleman already working in Honduras, contacted Mountains of Love via our website, to see how he could offer his help at the school. His wife is a trained physio-therapist and together they visited the school to assess the children’s needs. He then returned with a medical team, measured each child and supplied them with their crutches, casts, wheelchairs. Their team also met the immediate needs in the kitchen supplying a new freezer, pots, pans and utensils. They were angels sent from heaven!

Milestones from 2012

Our Committed Benefactors, THANK YOU, who have supported MoL and allowed us to grow our programs to be inclusive of all.

  • The family team who met so many pressing physiotherapy/medical needs within the school.
  • The generous donation from a comedy night cabaret by Montañas in Avon, Colorado.
  • The proceeds from jewelry sales one evening at Nona’s Frozen Yoghurt shop.
  • A generous Honduran benefactor who sent all the children 2 t-shirts from his factory not far from the school.
  • Merary’s benefactor. Merary is in her third year of employee through Mountains of Love. She so willingly gives more than is asked to the children and the school. Merary is a trained, experienced psychologist who on top of her psychological work, oversees the medial needs of the children, taking them to doctors and specialists. She also oversees and implements the food planning and accountability for MoL funds.

News from Emilia de Cuire:

It is a pleasure to greet you and bring you up to date with the activities regarding food, medications, treatments and psychological management of cuire D’Emilia, who for a long and hard year have enjoyed many blessings, through the efforts of their generous hearts. Thank you for your commitment and love for our dear children, which is clearly reflected in the high commitment of serving their minimum yet great needs. This fills us with hope and inspires us to be better people and better professionals.

The kitchen now has many useful tools for the development of our children’s lunch, however, in recent months we have found new requirements including: Our priorities are to give each child a meal every day, clean running water, psychological help to the families and teachers, clothing if we can, medical help and to give hope to the children and families!

  1. To expand the dishwasher, as planned in previous years due to the high use of implements and utensils of service and would streamline the process of food preparation and hygiene the kitchen.
    • 1 metal industrial hand whisk for the sauce mixture and pan- cake batter.
    • 2 large soup pots.
    • 2 large rice cookers (Teflon or nonstick).
  2. Our student Elida, 12, needs a new eye prosthesis. We are working with Dr. Salinas to get a half price discount on this expen- sive necessity.
  3. The monthly cost of the lunch is $11,966.00 a month. This money buys, sauces, eggs, vegetables, flour, bananas, salt, sugar, pasta, cheese, butter, margarine, spices, bananas, flour, plantains,bread, mayonnaise, mustard, Maseca, chicken, meat, honey, garbage bags, cleaning materials for the kitchen and more.
  4. The government school lunch program helps us by giving us a monthly amount of: oil, rice, beans, corn and soybeans.
  5. The Leyde company provides us occasionally with milk.
  6. Ms. Rina Simon gives oatmeal each month.
  7. We are feeding between 112 to 120 plates a day, five days a week

Finally I want to emphasize my commit- ment and willingness to continue working for D’Emilia cuire through this program Mountains of Amos, as you deem appropriate or desirable to me, either manning the snack, medical or professional psychology

All my respect, appreciation and love, Merary, School Psychologist