Covid-19 Update

Update from Honduras on the impact of Covid 19 pandemic: 

La Ceiba is under a full lockdown which is being legally enforced, the government has clamped down even further on civil liberties like freedom of speech and on the media to avoid any criticism. This makes it difficult to get information about the national response to COVID and how it is being handled. It really reduces the public’s ability to question politicians or officials who are in charge. 

There is a total curfew currently imposed and all nonessential movements of people are banned until further notice, 

Some of the NGO’s currently in the country are helping distribute hygenic products as many of the low income or no income families do not have running water, anti bacterial products  nor the ability to keep an acceptable  social physical distance from each other. 

School has been closed but Mountains of Love is continuing to feed the children and families with our staff coming to the school kitchen 3 days a week and asking the families that can to come to the school to pick up the food to take home. 

We feel blessed to be able to continue to feed the children and will continue to do this as long as it is allowed.